Thursday, May 31, 2007

before i forget

great holiday weekend...saturday we spent the day at beth and jason's. mom and vince were there too. we put up a bunch of pottery barn thingies in jordan's room. you know...those shelves and boxes that stick out of the wall so you can display all kinds of crap. in this case it wasn't crap, it was an array of stuffed animals, and beth only has the finest and cutest and cuddliest.

i also had to improvise the installation of a bunh of big wooden letters (o j d n r a). i was staring at them for a while, then realized that if i arrange them as "j o r d a n" my nephew could have his name on his wall. turns out that was the idea from the beginning. but the letters arrived without mounting hardware, so some heavy-duty Scotch mounting squares came to the rescue.

one day soon, someone will be lounging in jordan's room and a big ol' wooden "d" will come down on their noggin.

jason and i managed to leave the apartment and go to home depot in queens. it was a great trip, mostly because i got to hang out with my bro. also because the power tool section is a blast, and watching jason decide what cordless drill to buy is just about the greatest entertainment around. after two failed attempts at receiving help from some home depot guys, jason made his decision. then we checked every drill bit set in the store until we found the perfect one (with like a zillion pieces). i got myself a rubber mallet (you always need to have a rubber mallet) and a skil cordless screwdriver.

at the checkout, jason left his stuff on the counter (with a line of people behind him stalled in place) and meandered to the big display of uber-high-end cordless drills that caught his eye. well, we seemed to have missed these on the way into the power tools section, so now we needed to do more evaluation... just in case there's anything better than the trusty makita waiting back at the checkout counter.

anyway, that took 4eva. then we went to best buy to ask for a wii. that ended at the asking.

then back to the apartment for some pizza, more wall installation, and then home.

sunday david came up to the new house and did his genius thing, where he drops little nuggets of design gold, and laid down some big ideas for cathy's studio.

later, jackson and i flew his way-cool spiderman airplane up and down the street. of course it crashed a few times, and even got stuck in a tree. it's an awesome toy. then we played some baseball in the street. it was a beautiful outside.

monday jun wu and chris came over! we went up to the new house. we totally crashed the plane high up in a tree in the yard...the fuselage separated from the wings and tail assembly in a zooming crash into some branches. then the fuselage continued to plunge to the gound like a missile. that was over quickly.

we all came back to hartsdale and cathy made a killer lunch, we played ball, jun and jackson did some piano, and then we all took a group photo (thanks lindsay) before they left.

at some point during the weekend jackson and i watched ace ventura pet detective and my little guy was friggin hysterical.

enough of this, i can't type anymore and i can't remember what happened next.

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