Friday, April 13, 2007

wtf, blogger?

gotta figure something out.

every time i do a standard post, my line spacing is nice and open (like on this post). however, when i create a post and add picasa albums, or other raw html (like the animation in the 'couch' post below), the damn line spacing closes up like the label on whack-job crazy dr. bronner's bottle.

i can't find anything in the code that seems to control the line spacing. since most of you who are reading this blog are html experts, send an email if you have a tip.

if not, and you are still looking for something to do, click on the bronner label (below) to jump over to my picasa web album with the original image. then click the little magnifying glass, and you can zoom in enough to read bronner's rants.

it's the perfect thing to print and leave in the crapper for a rainy day, too.

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