Wednesday, April 11, 2007

watch this

so my favoritest accessory lately is my bathys hawaii watch. it looks almost exactly like the one on their website (at left) but i chose to use the alternative black rubber strap instead of the leather one in the picture.

they are very rare due to limited production, and i thought i was out of luck last year when i found out the 2006 stock was sold out. so i pre-ordered one from the small lot being produced for 2007.

then (eureka!) i found one at a small jeweler in hawaii, and i bought it right away.

it's been about 5 months since i got it, and i have been so busy admiring my left wrist that i completely forgot about the one i pre-ordered, due to arrive in a few weeks!

even though i have two wrists, i don't love it that much, so cousin brian will be the proud owner of this awesome timepiece very soon.

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