Wednesday, April 18, 2007

options: good or bad?

so my general m.o. is that the more options i have, the better off i am. if i don't see all the options in a given situation, i simply create them. feels great, works great, especially when i pretend i am stuck in a bad situation, or feel like i have no choice (always a big lie).

but what happens when you have an option presented that you are not sure if you want? here's the deal: i have been planning and building the new house for a long long time, and the other day a guy starts snooping around the property. when my contractor approached him, the guy asked how much the house was selling for. my contractor (smart...) said, "mucho dinero." (he didn't literally say that...he's not spanish, but he speaks spanish, but what he actually said i am not repeating here.)

so now i am looking at all the profit i could make if i find a buyer and take the money and run. finding another house will be easy, although at some point i want my ass planted in one spot. maybe i build and move into this one, then start finding other homes to buy, renovate, and sell, since i seem pretty good at it so far.

my broker will do a walk-thru and appraisal next week.

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Anonymous said...

Honey, this is a no-brainer for me. If the guy wants to buy our house for what our non-spanish, but spanish speaker contractor told him it would cost, we sell! There are always more houses to buy!