Tuesday, April 24, 2007

only 4 days?

just signed in to post some stuff, thinking that it's been a week or more since i last wrote something for the blog. well, i saw the 420 post, so it's been only 3 days. but maybe the fact that the last post was on 4/20 has something to do with why i can't remember the last time i posted.

here are some updates (i feel like a lot has happened in the last three days):

some happy birthdays i didn't post: 14th: jeffrey, 15th: uncle michael, 21st: uncle jerry, and yesterday: kropp.

saturday was the first day of little league for jackson. it was a beautiful day, and my little guy was a star. he had an unassisted double play that wowed the opposing team's coach, but seemed par for the course for grampa vinny and me. we had a lot of fun coaching. dad and joshua came out for the afternoon too.

sunday we spent the day with jeff and debbie and samantha and lindsey. first it was lunch at the country club in port washington. we ate out on the patio watching the some golf, then we went to jeff's for a bunch of baseball, some napping, and time with the wii. the wii rocks. gotta get one. then we headed to uncle jerry and aunt marcia's house for barbecue, birthday cake, and a 50" hi-def plasma viewing of the yanks giving up 4 home runs in a row to the redsox.

monday and today have been spent scrambling to get a bunch of work stuff out of the way, including a big installation tomorrow at yankee stadium.

one more thing. doesn't phil on american idol look just like nosferatu?

photos of baseball, house progress, and other pics coming soon.

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