Thursday, April 12, 2007

meat the family

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moms, dads, aunts and uncles, grammas and grampas, and the cousins all got together last night for a meat-fest at jason's new eatery, fette sau in williamsburg.

finally, i got to taste the food, and here's what i think: delicious. brisket wins hands down. dry-rub ribs were great without any sauce. i only had one was a "shard" something, named after chardonnay wine and the grape-y taste. loved it. the wall of whiskey is impressive, but last night was no time for me to sit at the bar and get plastered.

jason asked me to taste the pork belly, and compare it to luger's thick bacon slices. fette sau's belly slab was tasty, but by the time i ate it i was so full of dead cow, dead lamb, and dead pig, that i wasn't in the mindset to compare.

bottom line: go to fette sau. get a little bit of everything. bring the kids, bring the elders, bring your loved one, or go alone and share some flesh with a stranger on a picnic bench. and then have a shower, or smell like a pit smoker until you do.

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