Sunday, April 15, 2007

kropp's farewell

Kropp's Farewell Party Album

a bunch of us got together last night at lucas and debbie's to reminisce and wish rich a happy goodbye. he is off to ubs in zurich for (at least) the next couple of years.

it was really great to see everybody. first of all, we all look great after 20 years. second of all, it's really been 20 years. it's fun to look at everyones faces and still see the same kids...we were just 18...but now we are all grown up, ready for 40, and still having a lot of fun.

many of us shared a funny story about meeting rich up at syracuse, and although there are some storytelling photos in the gallery, my kids might read this one day so i won't recount them here.

below are some highlight shots, but click on the album cover above to see all the pics.

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