Tuesday, April 10, 2007

house update

our .25 tub

a lot happened up on mianus drive while we were gone.

the roof is done! the windows are in. the ducts have started to snake through the beams and rafters. the plumbing is almost done and fixtures are on the way.

the studio is awesome. huge. we actually got to step out of the french doors onto the new balcony yesterday, although i felt a little uneasy without any railings.

we have selected the stone for the barn, chimneys, and base of the house. i'm also thinking of covering the entire detached garage in stone. in a few days we should see mockups of the vertical siding for the barn, and we will choose the width of the clapboard for the main house.

it's hard to believe that the rest of the interior design will start pretty soon. i feel like we will be living in a beautiful home with great bathrooms and a killer kitchen, but just empty space beyond that, since those are all we have designed so far! the canvas is blank.

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