Sunday, April 1, 2007

closet techie grampa joel to the rescue

on several occasions dad will get frustrated and claim to know little about computers. usually he says this while he is in the process of doing something on his computer.

tonight he used his i-book like a champ. cathy and i just came out of a movie, and we were hungry at 9:30 on a sunday night in boca. not much choice.

for some reason i thought about a great 1/2-rack of bbq ribs i had with joel a few months ago in tampa. delicious. chain restaurant. i thought, "hmmm...tampa. i'm in boca. good chance there's one of those right here or nearby."

so i ask cathy to call joel, and in a few minutes he's on his mac surfing, finds the name of the place (smokey bones bbq), finds one a few blocks away from where we were in the car, gets us the phone number, and we head over and eat. delicious.

thanks, pop. glad you can use your computer.

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