Monday, April 16, 2007

cause and effect at virginia tech

what is going on, and how are we responsible? yes, you, me, wherever you are, sitting and reading this. ask yourself that question.

32 people just like you and me are dead. i was on my way back to the office from lunch at home, when i heard about the mass murder today. i didn't have more than 30 seconds to think about what happened, because i wanted to listen to howard stern, get back to work, sell some more consumer products, check up on the house i am building, prepare to teach tonight, etc etc, and then i realized how i am part of the problem.

we are all so busy running around, taking care of ourselves, our bank accounts, our stuff, and the fabric of what it means to be human and part of a community is, at least in my immediate circle, falling apart.

the things we don't spend time on as a society are the things that cause people to feel so much despair that they go out and shoot as many people as they can in order to feel better, or feel nothing by being dead (of their own hand or by the law).

and now the cycle will start again (it already has) -- the media is having a field day because something more interesting that don imus's nappy ho's and poor anna nicole's pocket-picking drug pusher boyfriend's deadly antics. and what will come out of it? they'll get better ratings, sell more commercials, and get more money.

i'm being critical, yes, but more so hypocritical, since i like to buy all that stuff i see on tv and make it a powerful part of my life, instead of the stuff that only matters deep down, or when i am ranting like and help for everyone, especially our country's children, so that they know that they could live great lives just by choosing it, and when they know that, but they can't seem to fulfill their knowledge without prozac, a.d.d. bullshit drugs, and all that other crap invented by the capital money machine, they have a place to go to get some real help, causal help, not effects help.

we only strive to really do anything meaningful when it's one of our own who's in big trouble, or sick, or worse, dead, from some tragedy, and then even that wears off, because (like 9/11) it only takes a short time for the material world to take over again, because we really believe all that stuff will make us feel better, when a day like today reminds us of what it really gets us: superficial minds and superficial kids and superficial parents, who breed the same generation after generation, until we all blow ourselves up or die old and hating one another.

enough said, i gotta go to dunkin donuts for an iced latte in my lexus.

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