Tuesday, March 6, 2007

time warp

something happens when you have a new baby that needs to be fed every two hours. time changes completely.

yes, we all have different awarenesses around time. some days are incredibly slow, some are very long. for me it depends on what i am doing, and how much i am enjoying it. when it's the good stuff time flies, when it sucks, time crawls.

but with jaden, it's light speed in the pinsky house. for example, she will eat at noon. then, 5 minutes later, after burping, changing, and even a little nap, all of the clocks in the house say 2pm. one hour and 55 minutes are compressed into 5 minutes. it's remarkable.

and the verification is abundant. all the clocks say 2pm in the above example, not just one clock that might be broken. also, everyone involved experiences this phenomenon...cathy, myself, even grammy witnessed this when she visited us last week from boca.


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