Wednesday, March 28, 2007

how now fette sau

jason's new restaurant officially opens tonight, but yesterday evening there was a preview party for friends and family.

fette sau is the name and slow-cooked, authentic, great bbq is the soon-to-be-famous fare.

the atmosphere is rustic, friendly, and laid back; picnic tables inside and out, high open ceilings, lots of brick and copper, and a huge mural of every cut of beef and pork round out the scenery.

the crowds last night were more than double what jason, his partners joe, kim, and scott expected, so they were out of food before this reviewer got to taste anything. however, everyone who was lucky enough to eat told me that they were stuffed, the food was great, and most agreed that the cow beat the pig in overall deliciousness.

it was a great reunion of sorts for me, and a great combination of people who are usually not together at the same gig. old time buddies included alan and richard, matty and his fiancé grace, russel, pahmer, munroe, and then a bunch of family like marcia, jerry, jeff, debbie, the twins, josh and dad, mom and vince, michael and adele, adam and shaun, caryn and her friend from nordstrom, beth, harriet, cathy, jackson, and jaden of course.

a full food review will come as soon as i get there and eat something, hopefully sooner than later.

For more fun photos click here.

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