Sunday, March 4, 2007

flat stanley

flat stanley was one of my favorite books as a kid.

in jackson's first grade class at coman hill, mrs. lavin sends each student home with stanley and, in return, the boys and girls write a journal entry about their adventure with stanley that week.

some take stanley to a family dinner, some bring him to a piano lesson, and some might even bring him on a vacation.

but we are geeky in the pinsky family, so we brought stanley into the digital world in a few different ways.

first, we photocopied him (he's flat, so a copier is a great input device for a guy like him).

then we scanned him (again, he's flat, so this was easy).

then we opened him up in photoshop after he zipped around and around on our imac's hard disk and then zapped in and out of ram, eventually showing up as a bunch of pixels on our screen.

then, like star trek, we beamed him from one image to another until he was chilly and happy standing with jackson and our snowman from earlier this week. time travel! cool. maybe that's a first for stanley.

when jackson writes his journal entry about all of this i will type it up and post it here. stay tuned!

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