Saturday, February 3, 2007

saturday dad

today was supposed to start with a trip to our storage unit in elmsford to drop off a few things (our boxed christmas tree, a stool from cathy's photo studio, some too-old-for-jaden-right-now baby gifts, our bin of tree decorations, and a couple of great framed photos of claire and emiliano).

then i was going to meet my contractor and architect up at the house for a progress meeting, and then run some errands before mom and vince and beth and jason and jordan came over.

well, during pancakes, cantaloupe, and bacon with cathy and jackson my contractor called, and a bunch of things delayed our meeting until monday. i made a new list of to-do's and started off to the storage space and dropped everything off and then headed to rite-aid.

on the way to rite-aid i looked to my right and noticed two beautiful framed photos of claire and emiliano. whoops. back to the storage space.

then rite-aid, back home, over to jane's to pick up another cradle (so we have one upstairs and downstairs), some exchanges and new purchases at buy buy baby, and then home.

mom and vince showed up with tons of food from amazing hot dogs in verona nj. delicious, but i won't enjoy any til later.

much later.

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