Sunday, February 11, 2007

intelligence quotient

since we moved in to this house in 1999, we have always had a problem adding detergent to the dishwasher.

we have also always considered ourselves relatively intelligent.

when the dishwasher is open, it blocks the corner cabinet with the cascade inside. so, you have to load the dishwasher, close it, open the corner cabinet, get the cascade, close that cabinet to open the dishwasher again, add the cascade, close the dishwasher, then put the detergent away.

we have always talked about what a pain the ass it is. everyone who comes over, like grammy and gramma, also toil through the dishwasher-loading process.

sometimes i have even projected my frustration onto the new, yet unknown owners of this house after we sell it, and i imagine they too will be disappointed with the dumb-ness of the juxtaposition of the dishwasher and the corner cabinet. maybe they won't even want to buy the house.

then, today, in the 8th year of our time here, i was loading the dishwasher and i had an idea.

move the cascade to a different cabinet. amazing. i feel like a genius and a moron at the same time.

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