Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day

it's valentine's day and here's what's happening (written in celebratory pink):

the big snow storm turned out to be a bunch of sleet and only a little snow. but there's enough sleet outside to make everything pretty icy, and it's only supposed to get worse. so school is closed for jackson, especially since it's gotta be worse up in bedford.

some morning highlights:
  • i woke up feeling much better and made some valentine's day cards with iphoto.
  • i stopped in the office for a little while before the roads got really bad.
  • howard announced his engagement to beth o. on my sirius satellite radio. big news.
  • i came home to find jackson and cathy downloading ozzy's iron man. he loves that song. he was also rockin' out to more prince and queen. he's such a good boy. when i was 7 i was a proud soldier in the kiss army, so next i will introduce him to the gods of thunder.
  • lenka, cathy, jackson and i all sat on the big bed upstairs and exchanged valentine's cards and candies.
what you should have learned from this post:
  1. sirius is better than xm
  2. macs rock, pc's suck

howard, beth o., and ozzy

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