Friday, February 2, 2007


woke up, showered, breakfast, kissed the kids, kissed the wife, out the door, off to work. back to the daily routine. blogging from the office now with limited time.

here's how it really went: cathy and jackson got out of bed before me. i stayed upstairs and had a business conference call from 7:30-about 7:50. then i hopped into the shower. cathy came up to figure out the best route for marion and al to take jackson to school (avoiding i-287 traffic). i got dressed, made it downstairs in enough time to say bye to jackson. hopped on the imac for some email, and started to help cathy straighten up the clutter around the house in anticipation of the maid brigade arrival. think benny hill show (cue music and crazy fast-forward): dining room-basement-dining room-basement-garage-living room-bedroom-basement-maids arrive-bedroom-basement-linen closet-dining room-pantry-special k-kitchen-fridge-milk-eating (2 spoonfuls)-cathy calls me from upstairs-bedroom-kitchen-finish eating (end music; end crazy fast-forward). start to load truck for trip to mini storage. robin calls, we catch up on baby news etc. i finish loading the car, kiss jaden, and leave for the office.

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