Friday, February 16, 2007

baby laserium

the mathmos space projector and the award-winning laserpod in action

one of my favorite things is light. lasers, projectors, holograms, visualizers...all that kind of stuff.

before i discovered the grateful dead, phish, groove collective, and anything else i liked to "experience" over and over again, there was the original:

laserium, laser floyd, laser zeppelin, and laser genesis at the old hayden planetarium in nyc. those were the days. takin' the l.i.r.r. on a friday or saturday night, eating at the little chinese place just south of the museum on columbus, or taking the 20-block stroll from 1 lincoln plaza on a beautiful upper-west-side summer night.

technology has come a long way since then. even though i really want my own laser generator, giant dome, and a crazy german star machine one day, there are some regular-guy alternatives i have invested in lately.

i have a mathmos space projector and a laserpod, and it's amazing to watch as jaden quiets down and zones out from some luminous projections on her perfectly-angled nursery ceiling, accompanied by some mozart, floyd, or neurolinguistic trance talk from matthew ashenden's pzizz.

the cool nerve firings and other psychedellic affects i love to experience from a good light show must be a genetic preference. and i must have passed those genes on to my kids.

jackson and i can lay on his bed after lights-out and come up wth all kinds of visual metaphors when we light up the ceiling with the space projector. so cool.

and and honorable mention goes to the itunes built-in visualizer module, which churns up some cool psychedelia when jaden needs a fix and the room is too bright (or i am too tired and lazy) for the other stuff.

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Anonymous said...

We are the makers of Laserpod and it is great to hear your new baby goes relaxes to sleep along with Laserpod. I have 2 in our bedroom, for our new daughter Bijou Octavia Wangwie Bell. She arrived on Christmas eve, and loves looking at the ceiling light show too. It's very calming

Take care
Hugh Bell