Tuesday, February 27, 2007

nussbaum boys

last tuesday we went for a visit at the nussbaums, and i just found this picture of scott and his heirs. even though chase is looking a little "deer-in-the-headlights" i kinda like it.

are there good snowmen and bad snowmen?

write your own caption.

i really don't know what to say about this little snowperson, but i'm not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy. even jackson seems apprehensive.

tropical testing 123

adding a couple of images to this blog is easy. adding a whole bunch is a pain in the ass.

i am testing google's picasa to instantly upload and embed galleries right into the blog!

here's the first try, resurrecting some good times from 2001.

click on the image below to jump to the gallery!

yo chris, table for 17

saturday night we all got together at buon amici for aunt adele's party. here are some teaser shots.

for all of the photos, click here!

aunt adele is only 39, but someone said she was 60 and got the finger


that's a happy momma

on the phone with uncle brian in virginia!

soon mom and vince will be 39 too!

if this looks blurry you might need new glasses

uncle jerry and half of his pride and joy (i am not sure which half)

jenny, chase, and both halves of uncle jerry's pride and joy

no, jeff and debbie didn't name their kids pride and joy. they have normal names.

germany and ecuador

i know...you're thinking that germany and ecuador might only be in the same headline if we were discussing the world cup.


janine and david came to visit yesterday. it's janine's first trip back to the u.s. since her wedding in january. here are some photos from the big day in the big castle with the big audi.

david is ecuadorian, janine, the audi, and the broken glass porcelain are german, and the horse is (obviously) from da bronx.

Monday, February 26, 2007

rich and creamy

wanna see if your body reacts to certain foods the way that mine does?

try this:
eat a normal breakfast, have a light lunch or no lunch at all, small dinner, and then a late-night snack. (this was my eating routine on oscar-night -- i had some left over pad-thai while i watched scorcese get his award from coppola, spielberg, and lucas -- awesome.)

then, drink a large glass of 'skim plus' chocolate milk and go right to bed. make sure you don't use regular 'skim plus' and add syrup. you need to drink the kind that is already chocolatey right out of the carton. you know, really thick and really sweet and really delicious.

then, when you wake up the next morning, and go about your day, write me and let me know how things go.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

kids+ lasers+ space projectors + pink floyd =

lindsey, samantha, chase, and even deb all mellowed and marveled at the light show in jaden's room tonight.

but the real story of this evening is aunt adele's birthday chaos party at buon amici.

Friday, February 23, 2007

light fetish

omg i think i need to get one of these asap.

click to read more or order one of your own.

thinkgeek :: laser stars projector

Thursday, February 22, 2007

a milestone for aunt adele!

happy birthday aunt adele!

congratulations on the big number 39!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

land ho

here's mom and me behind the house in bedford on saturday.

iron man

it took a few days for me to post these photos, but over the weekend jackson started a rock band in the living room.

jackson pinsky: vocals
grampa vinny: percussion
jono pinsky: acoustic guitar

our debut was iron man...special thanks to ozzy osbourne for all he has done to inspire children all over the world to make beautiful music and appreciate family values.

are you ready to ROCK!?

we get serious

the ballad

what's so funny?

classic weasel

cayo sings backup down below

how do you spell cap? c-r-a-p?

every once in a while i have an angry post. this is one of them. apparently, the companies that manufacture those cute little infant caps are run by people who don't have little babies. or they are just plain morons.

"hmmmm, let's make little skull caps for little babies, and let's make sure we include a bunch of important features to keep parents (our customers) happy:"
  1. use fabric that won't fit snugly on a baby's head
  2. make sure that the hats slide right off, or...
  3. make sure that the hats slide down over the baby's eyes
  4. make sure groggy parents who are trying to keep their baby cozy, calm, and asleep cannot possibly put the hat on with one hand while they hold their kid with the other
  5. under normal circumstances, the application of the hat on the baby's head should be designed to wake the baby from any stage of sleep in order to create as much crying as possible
if you make infant caps, here's a bet that you don't have a baby of your own, or, if you ever did, you are too old to remember anything about taking care of a baby.

the only hat that worked was the one in the hospital. now they know what they're doing.

no nurse would stand for the crap i have to put up with trying to get a hat onto jaden at night to keep her little brain warm so she can grow up and have strong emotional reactions to relatively benign issues like her dad.

if you know where to get the little knit caps they give babies in hospital nurseries, send me a note or post a comment.

screw you mr. crappy-baby-hat-maker.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

czech it out

cathy loves the light in jackson's room in the morning. looks pretty soothing.
here's lenka doing baby-talk czech-style to jaden.

Monday, February 19, 2007

construction update

here are some recent shots from this weekend. lumber has arrived, and exterior framing starts today or tomorrow!

the old front entrance before both floors are demolished

the open staircase, stage 1 of many

where the kitchen used to be

the new breakfast room, looking at a wall that's about to be torn out

the property from the road

watch tony's film trailer

my friend tony dean smith has a new film that is being considered for steven spielberg's show, on the lot.

click here to watch and rate the trailer! I loved it.

new at buon amici

yesterday, coming out of the 9-people-sleeping-in-the-the-3-bedroom house overnight, we had a day of company. robin, barbara, rob, stacey and john all came over to meet baby jaden.

then, when everybody left and we were back to the suburban dream (family of four, dog etc.) cathy had an idea: buon amici for dinner. so we got in the car with jaden and not cayo and had our first dinner together at "chris's house" — and jaden slept through every minute of it.

i had a new special. fresh halibut, dipped in a pesto sauce, then lightly battered, served over a bed of snow peas, with fresh cherry tomatoes and home-made tartar sauce. yum.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

slumber party?

cathy, jono, jackson, jaden, mary, vince, beth, jordan, & lenka are all here for a sleepover. that's a seven-year record.

there's a first time for everything

jaden and jordan, you're never too young to shop.

today they went with gramma mary and their moms to 'the westchester' in white plains!

click on the photos to enlarge them.

Friday, February 16, 2007

baby laserium

the mathmos space projector and the award-winning laserpod in action

one of my favorite things is light. lasers, projectors, holograms, visualizers...all that kind of stuff.

before i discovered the grateful dead, phish, groove collective, and anything else i liked to "experience" over and over again, there was the original:

laserium, laser floyd, laser zeppelin, and laser genesis at the old hayden planetarium in nyc. those were the days. takin' the l.i.r.r. on a friday or saturday night, eating at the little chinese place just south of the museum on columbus, or taking the 20-block stroll from 1 lincoln plaza on a beautiful upper-west-side summer night.

technology has come a long way since then. even though i really want my own laser generator, giant dome, and a crazy german star machine one day, there are some regular-guy alternatives i have invested in lately.

i have a mathmos space projector and a laserpod, and it's amazing to watch as jaden quiets down and zones out from some luminous projections on her perfectly-angled nursery ceiling, accompanied by some mozart, floyd, or neurolinguistic trance talk from matthew ashenden's pzizz.

the cool nerve firings and other psychedellic affects i love to experience from a good light show must be a genetic preference. and i must have passed those genes on to my kids.

jackson and i can lay on his bed after lights-out and come up wth all kinds of visual metaphors when we light up the ceiling with the space projector. so cool.

and and honorable mention goes to the itunes built-in visualizer module, which churns up some cool psychedelia when jaden needs a fix and the room is too bright (or i am too tired and lazy) for the other stuff.

crap shoot

no really, i mean it.

this morning while jackson and i were changing jaden, just about to put on her fresh, clean diaper, she contracted every muscle in her little body and out shot a stream of liquid crap that looked like something from a willy wonka movie.

more photos!

click on any of the photos for a larger view.

mom catches an artsy moment in the mirror

my beautiful girls

how to be sick and live with a baby

experts say this expression means "i love you dad"


sometimes i think she looks like me