Friday, January 26, 2007


saturday will be a big day at the hospital. i think lots of people plan to come visit. here are my thoughts (no offense if you are planning to visit, i am just telling it like it is):

why come visit in the hospital? why send flowers and balloons and all that crap? hospital rooms are small. not a lot of space for stuff, or people. Mom is breast-feeding most of the time, or needing to sleep the rest of the time. grandparents are ok as a great support system, but other than that, save your visits and gifts for after we are home. there's more room to hang out and enjoy the baby, more privacy for mom, and more places to put the gifts.

so, see you in the hospital or see you after we get home. your choice. this is only my opinion and not cathy's...for all i know she might want everyone to come visit right away, and a room full of annoying balloons and flowers and cameras taking flash pictures might be something she enjoys, and it's all about her and jaden right now anyway.

i'll get over it. funny thing is we haven't been overwhelmed by visitors at all! i am just pre-suffering about tomorrow, when i could decide to enjoy everyone's company instead.

sometimes bitching and moaning is fun, especially when you have a blog.

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