Wednesday, January 31, 2007

message in a bottle

i've been up since about 3:45. At 5-ish Jaden woke up to eat, and nurse rosetta carter started down the stairs, baby in arms, to warm up a bottle of cathy's breast milk. cathy was cozy in bed next to me and suggested i help nurse rosetta carter and hold jaden while she worked in the kitchen.

so i put on my blue terry robe and went to the foot of the stairs to take jaden for some rocking and singing whie we waited for her breakfast.

next to the glider in the baby room the tv was on (no volume, just spanish closed-captioning which is fun to watch). with one eye on the baby and one eye on the tv i noticed three young blond guys playing drums, bass, and guitar as the news went to commercial. nurse rosetta carter came up with the bottle and then i put it all together. those guys were the police, and their getting back together! that's my message in a bottle i guess. can't wait.

and if there's a tour following their appearance on the grammys i am definitely going to see a show with cousin brian, in virginia or even if i have to help get him up here to ny. nassau coliseum would be my first choice. not my favorite place, but the police at the coliseum was my first concert ever, back in the early eighties.

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