Wednesday, January 31, 2007

dr. berman

today was our 11am appointment at the pediatrician.

dr. morton berman has the deepest voice around, but you can't tell from these photos.

here is jaden's first checkup, and all is well!

norman rockwell, 2007

i hate that particular procedure, too

a good stretch, right after she peed all over the table scale

all done and ready to go home

more baby!

here are some more photos...the room, the crib and bassinet, and our baby nurse rosetta carter.

for the record, i love the pink and brown colors, but hate (with a capital "h" but i don't use capital letters on this site) the bassinet frilly stuff. it's easy to see past that whenever i'm looking at the peanut inside!

message in a bottle

i've been up since about 3:45. At 5-ish Jaden woke up to eat, and nurse rosetta carter started down the stairs, baby in arms, to warm up a bottle of cathy's breast milk. cathy was cozy in bed next to me and suggested i help nurse rosetta carter and hold jaden while she worked in the kitchen.

so i put on my blue terry robe and went to the foot of the stairs to take jaden for some rocking and singing whie we waited for her breakfast.

next to the glider in the baby room the tv was on (no volume, just spanish closed-captioning which is fun to watch). with one eye on the baby and one eye on the tv i noticed three young blond guys playing drums, bass, and guitar as the news went to commercial. nurse rosetta carter came up with the bottle and then i put it all together. those guys were the police, and their getting back together! that's my message in a bottle i guess. can't wait.

and if there's a tour following their appearance on the grammys i am definitely going to see a show with cousin brian, in virginia or even if i have to help get him up here to ny. nassau coliseum would be my first choice. not my favorite place, but the police at the coliseum was my first concert ever, back in the early eighties.

material world

crap and more crap. i can't believe how much stuff exists in the world. yesterday i manned the violight 'booth' at the new york international gift fair in the javitz center in nyc. this trade show takes up the entire javitz center plus both exhibit piers at the ship terminals a few blocks uptown. thousands of vendors, tens of thousands of visitors, and it's non stop from sunday through thursday...almost twice as long as other trade shows. there must be millions of items at this show that nobody really needs. on some level it seems wasteful and materialistic; on another level it's amazing to see what people can create from their imagination. life is a pretty cool thing to observe.

Monday, January 29, 2007


the night before cathy and jaden and i got home, grammy and jackson and lenka and grampa were very busy giving martha stewart some serious competition.

here's a photo of cayo, in front of their great work of art!

mom & dad

just some photos of cathy, jaden, and me. enjoy!

plant, page, jones, bonham

funny how sometimes we forget to mention the most important things.

kashmir was on the sound system in the operating room during jaden's delivery. that makes for a cool chick later on.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

boys and girls

chase, sean and jackson

adele, cathy, jaden, mary

a new message from jackson

shortly after we came home from the hospital, jackson staerted to write some thoughts on paper, and asked me to post them on my blog:

"today my mom was breast-feeding my little 4-day-old sister, and it was very cute! my mom and dad and jaden my sister came back home from the h0spital early this morning."

rosetta carter

baby nurse rosetta carter will pull into the hartsdale train station at 3:09. she will be our baby nurse for the first week home. i'll post some photos and maybe do an interview for the blog.


we are here! northern westchester hospital was great. much thanks to all the doctors, nurses and staff on the maternity floor. we left today at around 11:30AM and came home to hartsdale.

grammy and grampa alan went to the bagel store in town and got us yummy egg salad, whitefish salad, lox spread, scallion cream cheese, and of course fresh bagels. what a great sunday...first one home with our new peanut jaden.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


tonight cathy and jackson and jaden and i spent some time alone together in room 331. it's thrilling to look at this picture and know these are our kids

late-night perks

almost 2am.

a way-too-perky nurse just came in to take jaden for a few hours. she looked like she was 15.



i just looked at the clock and date. january 27th is grandma audrey's birthday. happy birthday to you grandma. i am thinking of you today.

picture this

no new images to post since i am in the hospital tonight with cathy and jaden and there is no internet access anywhere. of course there's a useless-to-me PC right here in the room, connected to some hospital network that i can't use.

here's a photo you can make (as jackson says) on the screen in your brain:

it's a little after 1 am on day three in jaden-time. cathy's in the hospital bed, propped up like a craftmatic infomercial, nursing jaden. i'm standing next to both of them in my plaid pj's, rocking like a davening matisyahu to some funky ray lamontagne ("bring it on home") and massaging cathy's achy left thumb. welcome to newborn world. i can dance right through it.

Friday, January 26, 2007

jackson's thoughts

this is jackson's first post on my blog. here is what he has to say to you about his new sister jaden elizabeth:

"when my sister was born i was very very happy and excited! i would like my sister to know that she will be a nice little girl and she would be good at stuff. she should be happy, nice, excited, and sweet. i love her very much and she does too. she will be a great little girl in our family."

here are some new photos of our family from today! enjoy!

our other baby

here are some photos of the new house in bedford!

i will have more details on another post.

the old house

pre construction

work starts!

garage is gone

new front foundation going in

the new front and back views

...and the new side views of the barn (cathy's studio) and my office patio in the basement!


saturday will be a big day at the hospital. i think lots of people plan to come visit. here are my thoughts (no offense if you are planning to visit, i am just telling it like it is):

why come visit in the hospital? why send flowers and balloons and all that crap? hospital rooms are small. not a lot of space for stuff, or people. Mom is breast-feeding most of the time, or needing to sleep the rest of the time. grandparents are ok as a great support system, but other than that, save your visits and gifts for after we are home. there's more room to hang out and enjoy the baby, more privacy for mom, and more places to put the gifts.

so, see you in the hospital or see you after we get home. your choice. this is only my opinion and not cathy's...for all i know she might want everyone to come visit right away, and a room full of annoying balloons and flowers and cameras taking flash pictures might be something she enjoys, and it's all about her and jaden right now anyway.

i'll get over it. funny thing is we haven't been overwhelmed by visitors at all! i am just pre-suffering about tomorrow, when i could decide to enjoy everyone's company instead.

sometimes bitching and moaning is fun, especially when you have a blog.

good night

cathy and i are very well rested today. Little jaden is eating well, sleeping well, and happy spending time with us in our hospital room, or with the other babies in the nursery. jackson can't wait until mom and sis get home on sunday...

more photos are coming as soon as i find time to upload them (hopefully tonight).

Thursday, January 25, 2007

gramma digital

there are more fun photos at Gramma Mary's iWeb site.

She's pretty good with her camera, uploading, and publishing web pages, even though she's a 'gramma'.

Check 'em out!

what's in a name?

doc roth-brown (cathy's obgyn) came in and checked everything this morning. all is fine...mommy, baby, daddy. she hadn't heard the baby's name yet, and when we told her 'jaden', she went on and on about her 'name philosophy' and why that was good. it was a soliloquy. we just sat and watched our doctor perform for us. kinda funny. she related the name jaden to jackson, compared with juliana, did all sorts of funny arm and face expressions. cute, quirky. i like doc roth-brown.

i forgot

went home last night for a few hours, then back to the hospital. jaden ate from about 7 to 8, then sleep, then up, then eat some, sleep some, up some, eat some, sleep sleep for me and cathy until about 2 am. then we let them take her to the nursery until about 5 in the morning. until cathy starts pumping milk and we can bottle-feed at night, and while cathy recovers from surgery, i will be up with her. it will only be a few days of no sleep. that's the part i forgot. with jackson i remember shifts, so one of us always had sleep at night. the part i forgot was these first few days of sleepless nights.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

she has a name!

welcome to the world, jaden elizabeth pinsky.


she has arrived!

cathy is fine, baby is fine. we were at the hospital at 7:30, got prepped and ready...they came in and took a bunch of blood, gave me some scrubs, and by 9:30 they took cathy to the OR. 5 minutes later they came to get me and the nikon d200.

oh yeah, and they gave cathy an IV and her wrist swelled up like a football. then another nurse came in and did it right, on the other hand.

in the OR things went pretty quick. by 9:56 we had our baby girl, all healthy, and cathy was great through the surgery. 6 lbs, 13 oz., 20 inches.

as time passed she became more loopy and stoned. i was holding our little peanut in no time with cathy. no name yet...we were still getting to know her.

i left the OR and went to the recovery room with the baby while they closed cathy up. we had a nice time together...quiet conversation, little goo goos and gagas, then her liittle mouth started puckering for some food. her energy was very peaceful and cool. precious.

there were a few times in the OR when the surgeons were giving off some really hectic vibes, and i dint like how that felt. seemed like all hell was breaking loose even though everything was fine. it's like TV. lots of blood on the masks, lights, floor. a real mess but that's what happens when you open up a person.

she latched on to cathy's nipple right away! ate and ate. then cathy moved to her private room and i went to eat with jackson, alan, vince, mom and marion and lenka.

i'm tired now. hangin in the room after a million photos and a cheeseburger deluxe from the mt. kisco diner.

jackson has been a champ! loves his sister. held her, kissed her, loves her.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

birthday eve

our little girl comes tomorrow! i am overwhelmed with emotions tonight. it's awesome! we are off to the hospital at 6:45 am. biggest decision tomorrow will be a name for our baby. contenders? jadyn, juliana, julia, something with an "s" for a middle name. sofia? sylvie? jackson is sleeping on the aerobed, cathy's out cold, marion and alan are here from florida. cayo is snoring. a hospital report will come tomorrow.